I understand that utilization of any BREC technological or information systems are for BREC organizational business and not for personal, private, non-business use. I agree that I will not communicate anything that might be construed as harassment or offensive to others based on race, sex, disability, age, religion or national origin. I will not use the Internet or email to solicit or perform business for a non-work related effort or for any personal cause I have, including political or religious issues. I understand that I cannot participate in chat rooms, print, display, download, or send any sexually explicit images, or other discriminatory or disruptive messages, chain letters, cartoons or jokes as defined above. If I receive these from another, I will immediately advise the sender to not send these materials again. If I need assistance in responding to situations as described above, I will contact my supervisor. I further understand that I have no right of privacy with respect to BREC communications / technological systems including software, email, and internet access. Simply because I have a password does not mean that I have any right of privacy in my email, internet access, voicemail or software. I know that I cannot use unauthorized or secret passwords and that all passwords must be shared with management. Violations will subject me to discipline up to and including termination. I have read the above policy and understand that when I use, open or access BREC software, email or internet or voicemail, I have no right to privacy in their use or the communication of information. If I have questions about whether an activity is appropriate, I will contact my supervisor. I understand that violations will result in discipline, up to and including discharge.

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